Schools in Catanzaro, doubts do not disappear. The Municipality sharpens its weapons for the appeal


By John

The case that is considered the most striking, and not only from a numerical point of view, is that ofmerger – better, as it is defined in the council resolution, “annexation” – of the “Galluppi” classical high school and of the “De Nobili” IIS at the “Galluppi” national boarding school. The 2,198 students that the mega institute will have after the green light for the new sizing plan launched by the Provincial Council are in fact just one of the aspects raised by managers, teachers, students and families.
Their fear is that this will lead to a mix of completely different realities in terms of vocation and cycle of studies. On this, in truth, the president Amedeo Mormile clarified that this choice is actually linked to the desire to “help” the classic to recover in light of the decline in enrollments recorded in recent years (from a thousand students to around 600), building what could be understood as a school supply chain which starts from the first cycle of the boarding school and then reaches the historic high school.
This thesis, which also found the full support of the provincial assembly as emerged from the subsequent vote in the chamber, does not, however, seem to have convinced the interested parties that much who show perplexity regarding the management of the large numbers not only of students but also of teachers and of the staff, all under one management.

The appeal

The Municipality of Catanzaro intends to challenge the provision of the Provincial Council by turning to the TAR; a step announced already in the last session of the civic assembly, for which however the strategy to be adopted will still have to be defined.