She falls in love with a man she met online, but is killed and torn apart: human organ trafficking is suspected


By John

A brutal murder rocked both Mexico and Peru. Blanca Arellanoa 51-year-old Mexican woman, embarked on a tragic journey to meet Juan Pablo Jesus Villafuertea 37-year-old Peruvian medical student, El Pais reported.

It all started with a virtual meeting, when the two met through an online game. Over time, their relationship escalated to the point where they agreed to see each other in person. In July, Blanca made the 3,000-mile journey from her home in Mexico to Peru. Blanca’s family kept in touch with her until the fateful November 7, 2022.

The tragic story took an ominous turn when all attempts to communicate with Blanca suddenly ceased. In fear for her safety, family members desperately tried to contact her, but were faced with a wall of silence. Shockingly, when her niece Karla tried to get an explanation from Villafuerte about Blanca’s disappearance, she received a surprising response. Villafuerte stated that Blanca had lost interest in their relationship and had chosen to return to Mexico alone. However, these statements were soon denied by a tragic discovery: first Blanca’s head was found by the fishermen, and a few days ago her torso was devoid of organs, a disturbing detail that amplified the mystery.

The authorities reacted promptly, arresting Juan Pablo Villafuerte on November 17, 2022. Zoraida Ávalos, Attorney General of Peru, revealed that Villafuerte has been accused of human organ traffickingpaving the way for disturbing hypotheses about the possible motive for the murder.

While the fact that Villafuerte was a medical student initially raised questions about his involvement in organ trafficking, investigators are considering the possibility that he may not have acted alone. Distressing details have emerged, including TikTok videos posted by Villafuerte, showing himself dissecting human organs, including a brain.

Authorities had to rely on the victim’s family to identify her remains, which were identified thanks to a ring found on a beached finger. In addition, incriminating evidence was found in Villafuerte’s house, with numerous traces of blood discovered.