Strongoli, the mayor resigns and anticipates the distrust


By John

Earthquake yesterday in the Municipality of Strongoli. Mayor Sergio Brunoleading an executive supported by FI, FdI and Pd, around 13, he tendered his resignation. “I have been able to ascertain, at the moment, that I do not have the support of the majority both from direct interlocutions with some components and from press releases and social media”. It is the text with which the former mayor, in office since September 2020, motivated “the painful decision to which I was forced in spite of myself”. Thus Bruno anticipates the move of 9 councilors to distrust him. “The resignations have already been signed,” one of them confirmed to us, the Pd councilor, with responsibility for public works, Salvatore Codispoti. Resignation that was ratified yesterday evening before the notary and consequently the Prefect will proceed to dissolve the Council, making any reconsideration of Bruno null and void within 20 days.
From the rumors collected, together with the opposition councilors Sirianni, Tesoriere, Greco and Stefano Gallo, the majority councilors signed the letter at the bottom: Costantino, Codispoti and Greco of the Democratic Party, together with Dionisio Gallo and the president of the advice, Elvira Benincasa. Yesterday, on the other hand, the deputy mayor Giovanna Arrighi and the councilors Pina Cierà and Milena Mauro reaffirmed their full trust in Bruno.