Siderno, tries to escape from the bathroom window during a drug raid: arrested


By John

Anti-drug blitz in Reggino. In recent days, inside a home of SidernoFlying Squad personnel arrested a 29-year-old, suspected, at the state of the proceeding in the precautionary phase and without prejudice to the different assessments in the subsequent phases, of possession of clandestine weapons and possession for the purpose of dealing narcotic substances (marijuana and hashish).
The investigative investigations that led to the arrest were started on January 23rd, when the Traffic Police of Vibo Valentia, during a road check on the A2 Mediterranean motorway, surprised a 35-year-old originally from Siderno while he was carrying a significant quantity of cocaine (1.8 kg) in a rental car, asking to carry out a search of the car. residence home. In the meantime, the behavior of the younger brother who showed particular concern did not go unnoticed, prompting the officers to monitor his movements once the house search was completed. The police traced back to another property in Siderno, where the young man went in the late morning of the same day. Having noticed the presence of the police, he attempted to escape through the bathroom window but was caught even though he had tried to cover their tracks by wearing a different jacket from the previous one.

In the meantime, the officers remaining in charge of the building, which had in fact been uninhabited for some time and used as a warehouse, found and seized 7 pistols, all without serial number, a large quantity of ammunition, 1,489 kg of marijuana; 1,378 kg of hashish.

The man is under house arrest.