Sinner, the awakening of the champion: “Victory won’t change me. I didn’t sleep with the Cup.” Record finale: 2 million share


By John

«My model is Federer, but I still have a lot to do». The day after his first Slam, Jannik Sinner he enjoys the Melbourne sun, and tries to realize «what I have done, only now I can do it. Did I sleep with the Cup? No, I will always try to remain myself.” The ‘day after’ of the youngest Australian Open winner since Djokovic’s first title is a cup party at the Royal Botanical Garden in Melbourne. «Djokovic’s 10 titles? I don’t think about it, he’s from another series – he says – I think I still have a lot to do. My role model has always been Federer, not only for his class but for the way he presents himself: the important thing is to surround yourself with the best people and face everything with a smile.”

Record-breaking final on Eurosport

Eurosport scores its best result ever with the triumphant victory of Jannik Sinner to Australian Open 2024. The historic match was seen by 2 million spectators (1,914,000) with an 18% share (60% share pay) and a peak of over 2.6 million spectators (match point at 1.31pm). In the broadcast slot Eurosport it is the 2nd national channel on the total audience after Rai 1. In the 24 hours another record for Eurosport which ranks 7th national channel with over 4% share. In particular, the fifth and decisive set totaled 2.4 million spectators with over 15% share. The summary of the match on channel Nine at 6pm it was followed by 576 thousand viewers with a 3.8% share (peak of 961 thousand viewers), making the channel the 5th nationally during the broadcast slot.
Moving on to the entire portfolio Warner Brosyou register for Discovery in the 24 hours the 14.8% share which represents the best result ever, in the prime time the 14% share and in the late evening the 15.2% share. Exceptional results also for Eurosport’s digital platforms, on Sunday totaled 1.6 million unique users and 3 million video views, alongside more than 40 million video views on the channel’s social platforms.