Ski in mourning, the “revolutionary” athlete Andreas Daescher dies at the age of 96. That’s who it was


By John

He invented the technique of outstretched arms pointing slightly downwards close to the body to seek more aerodynamics in order to take flight on longer skis. Previously, the athletes’ flew through the air with their arms extended forward. Between the 1950s and mid-1980s this style that revolutionized ski jumping was called the ‘Daescher technique’. Its inventor, Andreas Daescher, a Swiss from Davos – his mother Ursina was born Nerina Mottolini, an Italian citizen – died at the age of 96. A piece of news that passed a little on the sly – the death dates back to August 4th – but the Swiss ski jumper was the ‘father of today’s style.
Andreas Daescher on March 3, 1950 set the world record in ski jumping (which lasted for a short time) by landing from the German ski jump in Oberstdorf at 130 meters.