Social clue on the new hospital in Cosenza, Caruso: “Be careful, you're incorrect”


By John

A sudden fissure is destined to cause new lacerations in the already compromised relational fabric between the Municipality and the Region. The vision of the new hospital is a point in time and space that has dragged the institutional crisis towards a point of no return. Palazzo dei Bruzi had already placed the Annunziata in the Vaglio Lise esplanade. But the promised land for the new hub has been permanently moved. The Region has been turning towards Rende for some time now, which will soon (in less than a year) be a single city with Cosenza and Castrolibero. We talk about Unical because the university was included among the additional options within a list of possible locations defined in the executive decree from which the increasingly tormented history of the relations between Cosenza and Catanzaro unfolded. Franz Caruso accuses the governor Roberto Occhiuto of «a new serious institutional incorrectness. Unacceptable and which I strongly condemn.” The mayor did not take it well, he feels offended and denounces «the daring and damaging attitudes to the dignity of the mayors and the citizens they represent, carried out with extreme arrogance by the Region which informs the president of the Province, even before the community Cosenza and its administrators, of the outcome of the feasibility study of the design alternatives of the new hospital and the Cittadella della Salute of Cosenza entrusted to Cooprogetti a few months ago. In addition to the speed with which this feasibility study was carried out, which is hopefully more serious and careful than the one formulated for the Cosenza-Rende-Castrolibero Single City, what happened is considered aberrant from an institutional perspective. So much so that we learn everything from a post on social media by President Succurro who this morning (yesterday, ed.) met the rector of Unical, Nicola Leone, with whom “together with their respective technicians – as Succurro wrote – we talked about the motorway junction for the university, in relation to the birth of the new hospital with the faculty of Medicine”. If this were true, as is clear from the statement of Rosaria Succurroit is acceptable to think that we are faced with a choice already made disguised as a feasibility study.”