Lipari, mayor Gullo steps back: “I withdraw my resignation”


By John

Mayor Riccardo Gullo withdraws his resignation. “The decision, pondered over the last few days – stated Gullo – is consequent to the will of some councilors elected on the list of Aeolian Rebirth who reiterated their choice to continue their commitment within the council majority and work for administrative stability and the implementation of the program presented to the voters, as also stated by councilor Saltalamacchia during the last council session held on 11 March 2024 Therefore, consistent with the trust received at the time of the elections, grateful for the strong and warm support received from the population, I have once again chosen the path of maximum institutional correctness to deal with the situation that had arisen”. Alongside the mayor, many citizens, the councilors and the majority of councilors fully support this important decision, convinced that the only way to implement the projects in which they have committed themselves during this part of the legislature is to pursue the path of common interest, transparency, of legality and coherence through the recomposition of the council group. According to the terms of the law, therefore, the resignation will not be followed up.