Social housing, deadlines “postponed”. Help from the Calabria Region to businesses


By John

The Region is trying to bring order to the intricate world of social housing. The instrument chosen to intervene is a bill, recently deposited in the Regional Council and signed by the majority representatives Filippo Mancuso, Pierluigi Caputo, Francesco De Nisi And Pietro Rasoaimed at allowing implementing entities, recipients of regional funding, to start or continue construction operations of social housing.
In essence, we are intervening on a rule approved only in September last year at Palazzo Campanella to lengthen the construction times of the works and thus allow companies in the sector to have more room for manoeuvre. Originally it was envisaged that the following interventions would be officially defunded: works for which 35 percent of the works would not have progressed by 30 April 2024; those for which 70 percent progress of the works has not been achieved by 30 April December 2025. With the latest proposal, however, the aim is to move the deadlines forward to 31 December 2024 and 31 December 2025 respectively.