Messina, Brogni and Giunta on the ramp. Attention focused on the choice of the attacker


By John

Evaluations in progress does not mean standing still, rather choosing the best possible solutions, especially in those boxes that can become fundamental for the development of the season.
In defense, after the arrival in the left-handed lane of Tropea from Empoli, thanks to the contacts of the sporting director Domenico Roma, another under graft would make the rear under battery complete: the chosen profile is that of Giorgio Brogni, born in 2001, young but already back from three Serie C championships with Ancona (15 appearances), Paganese (16 since January 2022) and Feralpisalò (10 in the middle of the championship and 33 in the first among professionals). A profile that pleases for characteristics, who grew up in the Atalanta Spring, a club that still owns him and would be ready to loan him to Acr. Level experiences also with the youth team, champion of Italy Primavera in the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons, he also won the category Super Cup and played in matches in the Uefa Youth League. Propensity to push, for this reason he can also be deployed from midfield, runs and finds space. A boy, still with room for improvement, but a “real” player. An excellent shot, in fact a starter even if, as mentioned, he can already count on the competition of another arrow like Tropea, who will want to show off. On the other side there are Lia and Polito, therefore on the wingers, except for some last-minute “deals”, Messina can be said to be complete.
The attention, then, as already written in recent days, will now focus on the midfield. And another negotiation is close to being concluded. That is the one that leads to the signature of the “thoroughbred” Francesco Giunta. The parties had taken 24 hours to decide what to do, even if the economic agreement had already been found: the hesitations of the footballer born in 1999 probably weighed heavily, the thought that perhaps other important elements arriving in the same role could come minus the spaces. Apparently the challenge was accepted, also because in a long and tiring championship like C, valid alternatives and everyone’s help will be needed.
The arrival of Domenico Anzelmo remains on standby for the moment, born in 2004, a player that Mr. Modica really likes. Also in this case with an economic agreement found with Vibonese for the transfer of the card and with the boy. But it is right to understand which path to take in those slots, considering that Frisenna but also Ortisi are already at under-half share, whom the coach sees very well in that area of ​​the pitch.
Attacking chapter, let’s try to explain ourselves better: the Acr is not standing still waiting for the post-August 15 “sales”.. He has started speeches, specifically with three elements. But as with the midfield, the choice could also depend on other factors. Internal (characteristics of the other chosen elements), external (market directions of the other teams) and technical (type of profile to complete the puzzle).