Reggio united for its Reggina. “Our faith cannot die”


By John

These are not easy days for those who closely follow the events of the Reggina. There is the risk that already in the next few days uncertainty will make room for resignation. What, however, does not fade is the love of Reggio Calabria and Reggio for the amaranth colors. The road to admission to the championship was already uphill immediately after the first failures. After the Tar ruling it became an Everest to climb. Until, however, there is even a chance to cling to Serie B, the amaranth community wants to show that they believe in it.
The city was literally carpeted with banners who have been entrusted with meaningful messages. «Our faith cannot die» reads the railing of the Calopinace bridge, in a point easily visible to thousands of people who pass through the “risers” every day. And it is just one of the writings that stand out in the various corners of the city area. They are almost warning signs for something that Reggio Calabria could soon lose, but also manifestations of pride and a sense of belonging. The banners also represent a sort of preamble to what will happen on August 9th.
On Wednesday the gates of the “Oreste Granillo” stadium (Curva Sud and Gradinata) will be open to host a meeting between all those who have the fate of the amaranth club at heart. “We will face – reads the press release released by organized supporters – the various problems that seriously risk throwing this city into an authentic drama, not only in sport or football”. The invitation, these days, is also to color the city amaranth, posting banners, flags and scarves on the balconies of the houses. Reggina itself, through its official social channels, welcomed the demonstration called by the organized fans “with a spirit of contentment and gratitude”.
An appointment that “will see the support – as specified by the club – also from the Municipality and the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria”. Reggina too, therefore, will be part of a moment in which all the components that have the future of the team at heart will align. “We have the right and the duty – reads the press release of the Curva Sud – to remain united to try to save Reggina once again, the heritage and pride of our fathers and our children”.
Everything will depend on what the sentence of the Council of State will be. The flame of hope is still lit, although everyone is aware that the stoppage in the first passage before ordinary justice has undermined certainties and optimism. Standing together is the best way to wait for what will be and, however things go, to start again from any starting point you will have at the end of the month.