Students with the cult director Abel Ferrara at the Magna Graecia Experience in Catanzaro


By John

Know yourself, to choose between good and evil, and don’t be afraid to get involved because no one can afford to tell you what to do. This is the message launched from the stage of Magna Graecia Experience by the master Abel Ferrara to the many high school students in Catanzaro who attended the screening of the film “Zeros and ones”, subsequently meeting the American director of Campania origins. An unrepeatable opportunity for very young people to reflect with a sacred monster of cinema, author of cult titles such as “The Bad Lieutenant” and “Brothers”, on a deeply topical theme such as that of war to which the third edition of the project is dedicated designed by Alessandro and Gianvito Casadonte. “It was a great experience to be able to come here to Catanzaro to interact with the kids and learn something from them,” said Ferrara at the end of an intense morning.

“There are three wars in the world and we are on the eve of the third world war and a nuclear conflict”, the director thus anticipated the topics of the discussion in an interview. “I shot Zeros and Ones in Rome, during the lockdown, and I already had the feeling that we were close to a world conflict”. From the fiction of the set to real life, Abel Ferrara has just returned from filming in Ukraine where he was able to see the horrors of war up close: “Soldiers shoot civilians, kids the same age as you, with the sole aim of terrorizing the community,” he continued from the stage. “War begins when you start not caring about each other. We have a choice before us: compassion for those around us, spirituality, or darkness and killing.”

During the debate, there was also the opportunity to talk about cinema and images in the digital age: “Everyone today has the opportunity to experiment and be creative, just pick up a smartphone and shoot. I started filming at a very young age. Cinema does not exist without its audience and everyone can draw their own meaning from watching it. It’s the mystery of cinema, if you see it again in a few years, my film will appear differently to you.” The recognition created by the GB Spadafora brand was presented in Ferrara.

MG Experience – supported by the Ministry of Culture, Calabria Film Commission and Municipality of Catanzaro, with the patronage of the Regional School Office and in collaboration with LILT Catanzaro – will end tomorrow morning at the Casalinuovo Auditorium with the screening of the film “War desired” and the subsequent debate with the actor Edoardo Leo and the director Gianni Zanasi.