Taibi: “I’ll always be there for Reggina. Willing to stay in Serie D”


By John

Massimo Taibi, now the former director of Reggina, has returned to speak, who met the press during a conference moderated by the journalist Francesco Romeo. He recounted everything that happened up to the decision of the Council of State: «I am sorry – he declared – for how things went. I’m disappointed for the fans, for the city and for us who believed in another ending. Unfortunately it went badly. I would like to thank all those who supported this journey and in particular the guys from the Curva Sud who came to Rome. The history of Reggina, registered by Saladini, began in June 2022. The new managers inherited a lot of debt and our primary objective, a year ago, was to achieve a quiet salvation. Suddenly the management strategies changed and it was decided to focus on Inzaghi, so much so that I released Stellone. The budget was also increased which, initially, was 7 million and I was told to make an important market and so it was. I don’t decide how much a club has to spend and I want to point out that I have always followed the owners’ instructions. I believe I did my job honestly, even though I was criticized for not producing any capital gains, but that’s not the truth. Little has come from the youth sector. Maybe you could invest in the tags, even if the entrepreneurs who since 2018 they succeeded at the helm of Reggina they had different ideas from mine. It was decided to sell Rivas for 1.6 million, but the operation was blocked due to the ambitions of the Saladini group to win».
Bar up, then reverse «Last January, while I was in London – continues Taibi -, the property called me and told me to reinforce the rose with four elements thick. We were second in the table and the club had decided to raise the bar. I immediately got busy blocking the players. The negotiations were in the finishing straight, but suddenly the patron himself, twenty-four hours after the first phone call, backed down, asking me not to make any investments. I had to make a virtue of necessity and from that moment on the team went into suffering, also thanks to some voices who questioned the path of homologous that was taking place. There was talk of a heavy -12 penalty. We remained united and it must also be said that the players received their salaries on time.”
The sports director focused on the post-Ascoli match: «At the end of the match against the Marches – he revealed – something happened and the relationship between the team and the owners, myself included, broke down. Unpleasant situations have happened. I’ve always thought that dirty laundry should be washed in the family and not in front of opposing managers. Our ordeal began from there, but I would never have imagined such an epilogue. I would add that we went to Bolzano without hearing from any of the managers. Furthermore, on 21 June we were informed of the non-payment of 757 thousand euros and from that moment on a lot of confusion arose. I begged the players not to leave, but there was bad mood. The situation was deteriorating and even the employees of the “Sant’Agata” began not to receive emoluments, even though they remained in the workplace with great dignity. In July I asked the players to resume training. Despite remaining alone, the team returned to the field. In addition to the support of the people, I have had that of the institutions and I thank Carmelo Versace, Paolo Brunetti and also the Honorable Cannizzaro.”
Will there still be Taibi in the future? «I’ve read from many places that I would sponsor consortiums. I’m a sporting director, not an entrepreneur. I’ve been contacted by someone with interests up north. The latter asked me if I was willing to help out and I couldn’t hold back. I replied that I make no distinction between categories. For me, Reggina is a matter of the heart and I’d be willing to stay in D too. It’s a group from Milan that I met in Reggio. I make my professionalism available, I hope there is the desire to invest. I’ve blocked some players for a few days, but nothing is certain yet. I also confirm the possible presence of Emanuele Belardi in case there should be white smoke. If, on the other hand, Reggina does not restart from me, I will often return to the city as a simple fan to follow the matches».
Closing on Cardona’s statements: «He said two inaccuracies, but I don’t feel like making controversy. The first on Crisafi, taken by myself and the second on that project in Africa together with Mariotto carried out by me. Subsequently, Geria being a profound connoisseur of young people, I asked him to go there».