Messina, all the doubts on the Bridge of the “Pontista” Basile


By John

All the doubts about the “yespontist” mayor’s bridge. A contradiction? According to Federico Basile, absolutely not. The position in favor of the great work has been expressed several times by the municipal administration, and was among the programmatic themes during the electoral campaign for the June 2022 elections. But several times the newly elected mayor he also raised a series of questions to which, according to him, the answers that the people of Messina are waiting for have not yet arrived. First the hearing, last April, before the parliamentary commissions (in view of the vote on the law relating to the creation of the stable connection in the Strait), then the passages contained in the Report on the first year of activity at Palazzo Zanca. An official document, which was filed last August 29th.
Basile summarizes all his perplexities and fears, but also the requests on behalf of the city he administers. «Aside from the controversy over the financial coverage still to be found and the widespread skepticism that surrounds the Bridge for the decades on which rivers of documentary documents and several millions have been spent on planning, consultancy and management preparatory to the (failed) construction of the Bridge, we want to focus on Messina, on our community and on its territory to be with the Bridge and beyond the Bridge, masters of our own destiny. In fact, although after the approval of the state budget law, the Ministry asked for the indication of a technician for the establishment of a permanent table with the Regions and the Government, we are no longer able to know anything about very important strategic choices for the Municipality of Messina; this cannot be accepted.” And again: «An exercise of rational analysis must be carried out on the feasibility of the Bridge on the skills of those who will design it; whether the Bridge is feasible or not will be decided by the technicians who will design it and who will examine the seismic and technical aspects”.