Vibo, candidates discussing legality: starting again from the “Pact for the city”


By John

It is the day of the Pact for the city. Focused on respect for the rules, on the fight against the 'ndrangheta, on the good practices that should constitute the prerequisites for every administrator. As five years ago, in the packed rooms of the municipal library, two associations, Libera con Giuseppe Borrello and “Together for the Common Good” with Ferdinando Pietropaolo. What is not missing is participation. However, there is a clear difficulty some candidates have in getting into the merits of the contents.
But what is the pact? A commitment that the aspiring mayors intend to make on an ethical, programmatic, democratic, but above all concrete level, to involve citizens, directly asking citizens and social groups, to accept discussion on choices, to sign a public declaration which certifies that they are not in conditions of ineligibility and ineligibility, in line with the requirements of the Self-regulation Code approved by the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission.
Under the lens of the two associations, the correct and transparent management of public money; consideration of the contribution of political forces, including opposition ones; compliance with the Code of Ethics of Public Notice, present in the room with its highest regional exponent. And again, a simplified language; economic transparency with the online publication of financial statements; support for associations, the provision of a section on their websites dedicated to city councils and commissions; the promotion of gender equality and the use of assets confiscated from the mafia for social purposes.