Tajani warns Salvini: “In the EU no agreement with the League as long as it is with Id”. This is what “Identity and democracy” is


By John

«As long as the League is with Id, no one will make agreements with the League. In the EPP they don't want to do it, they don't want to create a government with anti-European forces. The League is already different, but it is within that family.”

Thus the Foreign Minister and secretary of Forza Italia Antonio Tajani during an event in Milan. «The only alternative coalition to the socialists is the one with the People's Party, Conservatives and Liberals. If the League leaves, it could become part of the majority. We would be in favor of it,” he added.

What is Identity and Democracy (Id)

Identity and Democracy (ID) is a European political group that brings together national parties of right-wing and far-right orientation. Founded in June 2019, it focuses on issues such as nationalism, opposition to immigration, and sovereignismpromoting a critical vision towards further European integration.

This group, active in the European Parliament, aims to influence European politics in favor of the sovereignty of member states and against the centralist policies of the EU. Its members include parties such as the Lega in Italy, the Rassemblement National in France and, until a few days ago, the AfD in Germany (expelled after some statements deemed “extremist”), who share the idea of ​​a Europe of nations rather than a single supranational entity.