Tax evasion, Calabria black jersey: more than 2.5 million euros undeclared


By John

All social plots are confined within accounts that never add up in small businesses and families that barely survive in the South of the South of Italy. From the reports it clearly emerges that in the South, more than elsewhere, people struggle daily to survive. And, perhaps, this is also why the South is the cradle of tax evasion and Calabria is the queen of the country.
The CGIA of Mestre recently lined up the Italian regions according to the estimated tax evasion percentage, through the processing of MEF data. Calabria, therefore, is the one that stands out in a South that is generally not very faithful to the tax authorities. In particular, for every 100 euros collected in Calabria, tax evaders keep as much as 18.4. And it is 18.4% that generates hidden wealth. Campania conquers the seat of honor with 17.2 euros hidden from the tax authorities. Puglia is third, with 16.8. Virtuosity is, however, the genetic imprint of the Northern regions with 9 euros being processed in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 8.6 in the Province of Trento and 8 in Lombardy. The most dutiful area to contribute is the Province of Bolzano which has an evasion of 7.7 euros for every 100 collected. The unobserved economy in Calabria has an impact on the regional added value of 19.2% and the total amount of taxes evaded is 2,539,000 euros. The estimate of the subdivision of the Tax Gap by region was carried out by dividing it to the same extent as the amount obtained by applying to the undeclared added value of each region a coefficient determined by the ratio between the tax revenue and the added value deducible from the national accounts net of the unobserved economy.