Tears and pride, Reggio populates the stadium to ask for answers and Inzaghi greets: “Sad birthday, but I’ll be back” THE LETTER


By John

“Even tonight – said Inzaghi – there are many of you. I wanted to thank you for this beautiful season. I wanted to celebrate another birthday, because there is so much sadness. Today, however, I am even happier to have met a place and extraordinary people who have adopted me and my family. Reggina will shine again. One day I will be back”.

The special guest, among thousands of amaranth fans looking for answers, is Pippo Inzaghi. Who on his fiftieth birthday preferred a farewell in grand style (in the presence of a large audience) to escaping from an uncomfortable situation. No, he won’t lead Reggina next year. But amaranth will be part of his heart forever.

It is difficult to quantify how many Reggina fans were present at the Granillo during Wednesday evening’s demonstration. Probably more than 5,000 and they made their voices heard. Banners and chants of protest concerned the owner and president of last season: Felice Saladini and Marcello Cardona.

In addition to Inzaghi, sporting director Massimo Taibi and four players (Captain Loiacono, Di Chiara, Gagliolo and Liotti) also took part in the event. “Until the 29th – said Taibi speaking to the fans – we must all be united. We only have to talk about Serie B, only then will we see what’s going on”.

The fans have made it known that they intend to mobilize en masse to reach Rome on the occasion of the sentence of the Council of State. Amaranth supporters said they were also ready for a restart of Serie D, asking for guarantees that the next property, whatever the starting point, would give guarantees for a solid project over time.