The 14 year old Mohamed Charad resident of Furnari died in the earthquake in Morocco. Emotion in the village: “he was a true force of nature”


By John

Deep sadness and pain in the Furnarese community that has gathered around the Charad family for the young man’s premature death Mohamed, 14 years old, was the victim of the violent 7.0 magnitude earthquake that affected Morocco in the early hours of yesterday – the epicenter was 72 kilometers south-west of Marrakech – causing over a thousand deaths.

Well-known members of the large Moroccan community residing in the village, Mohamed’s family has lived in the center of the Tyrrhenian Sea for years and returns to the Maghreb country every year in the summer. At the time of the earthquake, the young man was on vacation with his whole family in the company of his grandparents. The fourteen-year-old’s mother was injured and is hospitalized, while his father and brothers would have remained unharmed.

Pain also among the teachers and collaborators of the Furnari school complex who remember him as a boy full of life, “a true force of nature”. In a few days, Mohamed would be in the third grade of lower secondary school.

Condolences also expressed by the municipal administration, led by the mayor Felice Germanòwho confirmed the tragic news on social media that had already been circulating in the village since the early hours of the morning.

“This morning our community learned tragic news that it never wanted to hear. With immense pain, we want to tell little Mohamed’s family that we are close to them for his sad and untimely death, and we pray with all our strength that his mother can recover as soon as possible and leave the hospital ».