Kiev’s announcement: “Moscow deploys military ship in the Black Sea with 8 missiles”


By John

Russian forces have deployed a ship in combat mode in the Black Sea with eight Kalibr missiles. The Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine reported this on Telegram. The vessel would be a corvette equipped with artillery and missiles that is part of the Russian Buyan-M project. «The enemy has put into combat service in the Black Sea a small missile ship of the Buyan-M project, with a capacity of 8 ‘calibr’» wrote the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, explaining that «the level of missile threat in all of Ukraine is rated as high.”

“We may see F-16s in action next spring”

Ukraine could start using F-16 fighter jets in spring 2024, Ukrainian Defense Minister said Oleksii Reznikov in an interview with Ukrinform. “Today we have a permit for training, we have countries that have agreed to provide training and also those that have agreed to send us F-16s upon completion of training and infrastructure preparations,” Reznikov explained.

“$100 billion in military aid from partners”

Ukraine has received around $100 billion from partners since the start of the Russian invasion of February 24, 2022. This was reported by Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov in an interview with Ukrinform. “Today, if we calculate and evaluate all the assistance packages, I think we have already received about $100 billion since the start of the large-scale invasion,” Reznikov said, referring to military aid. «In terms of value, I believe we have received up to 100 billion dollars worth of weapons and several units of military equipment, ammunition, shell casings and projectiles. More than $50 billion, or about $60 billion now, from the United States alone,” Reznikov explained.