The Akademia Città Di Messina surrenders with honor in the semi-final of the Italian Cup: Busto Arsizio goes to Trieste. Coach Bonafede: “Proud of my team”


By John

Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio – Akademia Città di Messina: 3-0 (25-23, 26-24, 27-25)

Futura GiovanI Busto Arsizio: Pomili, Bresciani 3, Citterio n, Monza 1, Silva Conceicao 6, Tonello n, Zanette 16, Osana (L) n, Furlan 6, Bonvicini (L) 0, Cvetnic 19, Rebora 8, Bosso n, Del Core n. All. Amadio, Ass. Tettamanti.
Akademia City of Messina: Battista 11, Martinelli 9, Catania ne, Ciancio 0, Modestino 6, Felappi (L) ne, Mearini ne, Payne 12, Joly 6, Rossetto 0, Maggipinto (L) 0, Galletti 5, Michelini 0. All. Bonafede, Ass. Ferrara.
Referees: Marco Pernpruner and Giuseppina Stellato
Duration set: 25′, 29′, 29′
MVP: Cvetnic (Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio)

Akademia Città Di Messina doesn’t make it to the final of the Italian Cup. After a physical match with great emotions experienced on and off the pitch, fought and balanced like few of those seen this season, to play for the Italian trophy, Busto Arsizio will go to Trieste.

Very high partials (25-23, 26-24, 27-25) those that describe in the most significant numbers an exciting match decided by a handful of centimeters and balls. In Messina the honor of having fought on equal terms, the regret of having come really close, the awareness of having left an indelible mark in the history of Messina volleyball and of having sent a precise signal to the contenders of the next Promotion Pool which will start on Sunday .

In the starting six, for the hosts of Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio, coach Amadio entrusts Monza as director, his opposite Zanette, central players Rebora and Furlan, place 4 Conceicao and Cvetnic, libero Bonvicini; for Messina coach Bonafede deploys Galletti as director, Payne opposite him, Martinelli and Modestino in central positions, Joly and Battista in place 4, Maggipinto libero. Departure of Busto in p1, Messina in p2.

In the first part, after the first two points by Busto on errors by Messina (2-0), an immediate long rally decided by Modestino who pounces on a slash ball and breaks the ice for the guests (1-2). Zanette makes a mistake in attack, Payne sinks the shot, but Messina’s double advantage is thanks to an ace from Modestino (2-4). Busto warms up the crowd, Joly his arm and from place 4 keeps the guests ahead (5-7). It’s the same Joly who, a few points later, sends out allowing Busto to grab the tie (8-8). A block from Rebora on Battista allows Busto to temporarily overtake because, with two aces from Galletti, Messina finds the first maximum advantage (9-12). It’s Kelsie Payne time; the American lands two incredible balls and Messina flies to plus four (10 -14). Busto, one step at a time, goes back up thanks to Zanette, but above all to Cvetnic (2) and Conceicao (2) (15-16). Martinelli keeps Messina ahead in attack, but Zanette responds with a shot from place two (17-18). Messina is there: Modestino in the offensive phase and Payne on the block in zone 3 force coach Amadio to call the first time-out (17-20). We return to the field and Modestino places another block that wakes Busto; break of six points for the nocks in which Cvetnic, Zanette and Furlan put heavy hands (23-21). Payne in support and Battista in service regain temporary parity (23-23); Zanette and an error from the American (25-23) in a hard-fought final ended the match. Best scorers of the set Payne, Cvtnic and Zanette with 6 points; 7 errors on each side.

In the second half, sextets confirmed for the two formations. I’ll start with a few too many mistakes from the guests; then, Joly first passes through the middle of the wall with an incredible shot then hits an ace, for the first maximum advantage (4-7). Payne passes twice, Zanette makes a mistake and Messina flies to plus four (6-10). The pace, the quality of the plays and the number of long rallies increase. Furlan and Modestino record points from the central area, Martinelli blocks a pipe from Cvetnic, while Rebora replies on Payne (13-13). Meanwhile, coach Bonafede changes Joly with Rossetto. Busto’s overtaking is found by Zanette with a great parallel shot to go around the wall (14-13). Conceicao misses the serve, Monza sends a second team touch to the net; the block that can break the score is Galletti’s for the consequent double advantage Messina (14-16); coach Amadio calls time-out. Battista places a crazy narrow diagonal (15-17) and Busto changes direction: Bresciani inside, Monza outside. Payne’s winning pipe, while Monza returns to the field in the following action (17-18). Acrobatic defenses, attacks pushed to the limit for a fiery finale. Busto ahead (23-21) but Martinelli in fast and Galletti on the block ignite the heart of the match. At 23-23, two film defenses by Maggipinto and one by Rossetto allow Battista to send Messina one ball from the set (23-24). Cvetnic and two errors from Battista herself close one of the best partials of the season (26-24). Top scorers Cvetnic and Zanette with 11 points; 17 errors for Busto, 16 for Messina.

In the third set, Amadio confirms the girls from the previous sets, while Bonafede leaves Rossetto on the field. We start with a penalty for the Messina team: the first point of the set comes from a disciplinary sanction in favor of Busto (1-0). Messina appears to feel the double set disadvantage (6-3), but the character of the guests still comes out loud and clear; overtaking Messina with Modestino (9-10). Busto regains the decisive verve of the first two partials; Joly twists, attacking foul called on Zanette and it’s tied again (14-14). Zanette makes up for it shortly after, Martinelli makes a mistake, Cvetnic doesn’t (17-14) and Bonafede calls a time-out. Busto seems to have found the path that quickly leads to the final in Trieste, but once again has to deal with a great Messina. Ciancio has space in Battista’s place and, two points from the match, Martinelli rises to level the score (23-23). Cvtnic sends Busto just one ball away from closing, Payne replies and they go ahead again (24-24). High tension and two errors arrive with Zanette first (24-25) and Martinelli following; the latter misses her aim from nine meters (25-25). The closing is a standing ovation for Lea Cvetnic: place 4 gives herself two crazy points in succession, the title of best scorer with 19 points, MVP of the match and the Trieste Final. 22 errors by Busto, 26 by Messina.

Post-match, coach Fabio Bonafede’s statements: “In the end Busto deservedly won; she remained more clear-headed at decisive points. However, I am really very proud of my team. In the first leg of the championship we suffered a lot, this evening we played on equal terms, perhaps even a little more. This means that we are on the right path and we must continue like this.”