The Carabinieri to protect animals and protected species: recoveries and rescues between Palmi and Oppido Mamertina


By John

During the month, the Carabinieri of the Palmi company saved the life of a specimen of Martes Foina, more commonly known by the name of Stone marten, an omnivorous mammal of the mustelidae family. The animal was lying on the side of the provincial road towards Oppido Mamertina, on the asphalt, in the heat, dazed and seriously injured in the head, probably after being hit by a car. The territorial soldiers, once they glimpsed the animal, did not hesitate to provide assistance by loading it into the car and taking it to the nearest veterinary practice, where the necessary care was ensured. Once filmed, the stone marten specimen, also protected by L.11/02/1992 n. 157 and the Bern convention, it was reintroduced into the wild, in the Aspromontana woodland area, with the collaboration of the forestry carabinieri responsible for the area. Also in Oppido Mamertina, Via della Ferrandina, the soldiers of the local station found 3 abandoned dog puppies in a basket on the side of the road, who have been recovered and will be entrusted to a suitable structure to find a new family.
In Palmi, however, during a special territorial control service the carabinieri of the Radiomobile Section of the local company seized a just 3-month-old specimen of Cane Corso. In the middle of the night, in Via Gullì, the operators, attracted by the animal's moans, found it locked inside a car, amidst excrement and spoiled food residue. The animal, seriously ill due to a dangerous canine virus with a high mortality rate, was rescued by the operating military who entrusted it to the volunteers of the ENPA Calabria region for treatment. The puppy dog, now in excellent condition, will be entrusted to a new family who will take care of it, providing all the necessary assistance.
The episodes witnessed in recent days show once again how the Carabinieri is at the forefront in safeguarding the laws that protect animal species and the environmentin defense of nature and the rights of those who, not having the possibility of defending themselves by speaking, limit themselves to communicating their suffering with a simple look.