The Catanzaro PSC is increasingly closer to the turning point: last planning session tomorrow


By John

The municipal structural plan will soon take on defined contours, for which the last session of the planning conference will be held tomorrow, convened last January by the mayor Nicola Fiorita, met in its first session on 22 February and has now reached its end.
We are therefore respecting the stages set out in the timetable defined by the deputy mayor Giusy Iemma, holder of the delegation for territorial planning, who has focused heavily on the need to proceed with forced marches to equip the city with the new urban planning tool as soon as possible. On the occasion of the first session, Iemma was keen to underline that «the work of the designers, in preparing an updated cognitive framework of the territory, was invaluable in providing the guidelines on which we have grafted a political vision that looks to the future of the city». Among the innovations not to be overlooked that will be determined by the introduction of the new plan, which will therefore supersede the old Prg, the archiving of the season of urban planning variations, which has characterized the last twenty years with interventions disconnected from that organic context which, now, we want to acquire with the structural plan.