The “director of Evil” William Friedkin dies at the age of 87: he directed “The Exorcist”


By John

He died at the age of 87, in Los Angeles, William Friedkin, director of «The Exorcist» and ‘The French Connection’. According to the Hollywood report website, it was announced by his wife. Friedkin was part of a generation of filmmakers that revolutionized the way cinema was made in the 1970s, making provocative, individualistic films. The Exorcist (1973), was one of his most famous films. Already from the first sequences something terrifying is foreshadowed, with the scene set in the desert of the Middle East, the archaeological site hosting a presence, the soundtrack with a noise, a sort of buzzing similar to that emitted by flies that is increasingly loud and threatening . It was a film that was a worldwide success. An exponent of New Hollywood, Friedkin is considered an innovator of crime and horror. For this characteristic of him he was nicknamed the director of Evil.