“New” Pnrr, 10.9 million at risk for the urban regeneration of Lamezia


By John

The good news is that the largest investment, the one worth almost 100 million euros, is – at least at the moment – ​​safe. We are talking about Pinqua, the national innovative program for the quality of living in which the Lamezia project, which could really change the face of the city, was admitted among the 8 “pilot” proposals selected throughout Italy. The measure to which he refers is not among the nine that the government has proposed to definance in the proposal for the revision of the Pnrr sent to Brussels in recent days. A different fate, however, could befall another intervention, smaller but still substantial, which is part of the urban regeneration investments financed by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. This is the 10.9 million euro project which concerns the central area of ​​the Town Hall in via Perugini and the adjacent area of ​​the square in front of the church of San Benedetto.

In the three-year public works plan, 2023 is indicated as the year in which the awarding procedure is expected to start and in fact, as confirmed to the Southern Gazette the city councilor himself Francesco Stella (which, among others, holds the powers for territorial and urban planning and new works planning) is already in an advanced stage, so much so that the tender has been awarded and the contracts have been signed. In short, the work could also start shortly, were it not for the measure and investment of the Pnrr to which this project refers (M5C2I2.1) is, according to what we read on the website of the Department for European Policies of the Presidency of the Council of ministers, among those “for which – reads the summary sheet of the Control Room of last July 27 – the definancing from the Pnrr is proposed”.