The documentary Semidei will be presented at the Giornate degli Autori 2023


By John

The documentary Demigods, produced by Carlo Degli Esposti and Nicola Serra for Palomar Mediawan, made with the support of the Calabria Region – Department of Education, Training and Equal Opportunities and the Calabria Film Commission Foundation, on the occasion of the celebrations dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Riace Bronzes, for directed by Fabio Mollo And Alessandra Cataleta will be presented in world premiere at the 20th edition of Days of the Authors (August 30 – September 9, 2023) in the “Oedipus Nights” section.

Demigodsdocumentary by Fabio Mollo And Alessandra Cataleta, written by Armando Maria Trotta, Giuseppe Smorto, Massimo Razzi and Fabio Mollo, it traces half a century of history by telling the story of the two mysterious warriors who re-emerged from the sea of ​​Riace in 1972, after two thousand years spent underwater. Through interviews, unpublished documents, direct testimonies and the story of a present in turmoil, the two filmmakers will take us on a journey into our past and into the future. Because the Riace Bronzes embody the desires for the future, peace and beauty that have always inspired mankind.

Fabio Mollo (The south is nothing, The father of Italy, Dog years) will be at the Lido together with Alessandra Cataleta (The life you gave me. History and deeds of Anna Cuticchio, pupara) to present the film.