The Ecr Party convention kicks off in Scilla. Ministers Calderone, Fitto and Musumeci are expected


By John

four ministers, Marina Elvira Calderone, Raffaele Fitto and Nello Musumeci and, in remote connection, Francesco Lollobrigida; the undersecretaries Andrea Del Mastro and Wanda Ferro; the vice-president of the European Conservative Party, Jorge Buxadé, head of the Vox delegation, the Spanish far-right party, in the European Parliament; the President of the Anti-Mafia Parliamentary Commission, Chiara Colosimo, and the vice president of Copasir, Giovanni Donzelli.

Significant attendances are announced at the meeting scheduled from today until Sunday in Scilla, on the initiative of the Ecr Party, the Party of European Reformists and Conservatives. «The Strait of Messina – he states Antonio Giordano, deputy and general secretary of the Ecr Party – as a crossroads of the need to build bridges, understood not as limits to be overcome, but as an opportunity to project oneself towards the outside. The southern regions are territories to be protected and helped. However, help them to grow and not to survive.” The basic idea of ​​the meeting is to start from the decision to build the “physical” bridge that will connect the Calabrian and Sicilian shores to give life to a broader reasoning that allows the construction of new cultural, social and economic “bridges”. “The Party of European Reformists and Conservatives – added Giordano – looks to the South, in the belief that, if the South grows, Italy grows and Europe grows. There will be conservatives in Scilla from all over Europe. There are over 200 delegates to the initiative, representing the 14 parties gathered in the ECR group, chaired by Giorgia Meloni, in the European Parliament”.

During the initiative, the organizers promise, a profound examination of the situation in southern Europe will be carried out, with its risks, difficulties and opportunities. Starting with the issue of illegal immigration, which will however be only one of the topics that will be covered. The Party of European Reformists and Conservatives has set itself the goal of bringing Europe to the places where Europe itself needs to be made known. «The delegates who will be here – underlined Antonio Giordano – come from 13 different countries. On the one hand, we bring Europe closer and make it understand what the borders of the Union are, beautiful territories, but, as a border, very exposed. But at the same time we want to make Europe known to our territories.” “We wanted to bring the discussion to Calabria – said MEP Denis Nesci – because the southern regions often feel extraneous to European reasoning. We will deal with interconnected topics and we want to be proactive especially in those sectors in which we are more involved such as that of agriculture, with the green transition approach desired by Europe, which must see man at the center of this process”.