Messina: good test, but a push into the market is needed before Cerignola’s debut


By John

First real and indicative technical test in view of the championship. Another joint training session, the last of the pre-season, for Messina, who faced Città di Sant’Agata, a Serie D team. Coach Giacomo Modica was able to see his team at work against a decidedly tougher and more reliable opponent, often also tough in tackles and with superior qualities compared to previous tests in Calabria or, again in Bisconte, against Kaggi (Promotion).


Classic 4-3-3 with Fumagalli in goal, Lia and Tropea on the wings with central defenders Polito and Manetta, on the pitch despite the disqualification which will prevent them from playing the first match against Audace Cerignola. In midfield Scafetta, Giunta and Firenze confirmed the offensive trident with Cavallo and Zunno on either side of Emmausso.

The match

We start with some good initiatives from Messina, but Cavallo misses the target, while in the 14th minute Emmausso hits the post with a right-footed shot from the edge. Intense and at times tough race, with decisive interventions. The blue and white defense limits the offensive initiatives of the yellow and red trident, who struggle to find spaces. In the 34th minute, a good move by Zunno, who flies towards Iovino’s goal but finishes high instead of serving Emmausso. In the 40th minute, foul on Polito in the area and penalty: Emmausso kicks out.

Six changes at the start of the second half: Quartarone in goal, Salvo and Tropea on the sides, with Polito and Darini at the center of defence; Giunta remains in midfield, with Ortisi and Frisenna, while Luciani up front replaces Zunno, with Emmausso on the left and Cavallo on the right. Two minutes pass and Messina, immediately more enterprising, strikes: cross from Emmausso, more comfortable on the wing, and insertion from Frisenna for the header which makes it 1-0.

In the 5th minute Cavallo goes off to the right, low ball in the middle but Emmausso is blocked a few steps from the goal. At 13′ Iovino’s error, Frisenna tries from outside but fails to raise the shot. In the 18th minute, a good number from Ortisi, then on the cross shot from the left no one manages to deflect it. A minute later, Emmausso also made an excellent start, with a right-footed shot from outside that hit the crossbar: an unlucky day for the Giallorossi striker. Better in the assist version: in the 19th minute he serves Luciani who, in the middle of the area, scores the second.

More changes for Mr. Modica: Giunta out and Firenze in again to act as point guard in front of the defence, Zunno and Scafetta up front for Cavallo and Emmausso and final match also for Ferrara, at the center of the defense with Darini, while Polito moves to the left at place of Tropea. Last chances for Frisenna, who kicks Zunno’s assist wide from a good position, while Salvo, with his head, misses the target from Emmausso’s cross.
The goalkeeper Daga, destined to leave, and the unavailable Pacciardi, Franco, Ragusa and Buffa were not used.

The scoreboard

Messina-Sant’Agata 2-0
Scorers: 2′ st Frisenna, 19′ Luciani.
Messina: Fumagalli (1′ st Quartarone), Tropea (20′ st Ferrara), Manetta (1′ st Darini), Polito (35′ st Manetta), Lia (1′ st Salvo), Scafetta (1′ st Ortisi), Giunta (20′ st Florence), Florence (1′ st Frisenna), Zunno (1′ st Luciani), Emmausso (35′ st Scafetta), Cavallo (21′ st Zunno). Coach: Mod.
Sant’Agata: Iovino (15′ st Bottino), Capitano (15′ st Sullis), Squillace, Ambro (1′ st Mal), Nagy, Fragapane, Mincica (15′ st Di Domenicantonio), Marcellino, Carrozzo (15′ st Ferruzza), D’Amore (15′ st Sellitti), Aquino (1′ st Lo Grande). Coach: Facciolo.