The fatal accident on the 106, perhaps overtaking caused the head-on. The victims returned to San Luca after an interview in the Catanzaro prison


By John

There is no doubt, even if the dynamics are still being reconstructed, that it was one head-on collision the one between the two cars involved in the accident, which occurred in the early afternoon of yesterday along the Ionian state road 106, in the municipality of Montauro, which resulted in the death of four people and the injury of a fifth.

According to what emerged from the investigations carried out by the carabinieri of the Soverato Company, the car (a Fiat “Panda”) in which the four victims were travelling, Domenico and Antonella Romeo, aged 27 and 18, Teresa Giorgi, aged 34, and Elisa Pelle, 24, was proceeding south, while the other car involved in the collision (a Fiat “Idea”) was traveling north. The resulting data is that the four people who died were returning to San Lucathe center of Reggino where they lived, after a conversation in Catanzaro prison with one of their relatives.

It will also be necessary establish whether one of the cars was overtaking at the time of the accident, with consequent invasion of the oncoming lane. And, if so, which of the two. The bodies of the victims are still in the mortuary room of the Catanzaro Polyclinic awaiting the decisions of the magistrate who coordinates the investigative activity, the deputy public prosecutor Stefania Caldarelli, who must establish, first of all, whether they should be subjected to an autopsy. Only then will the magistrate decide when to return the bodies to the family to allow the funeral to be held in San Luca. We are also awaiting the results of the alcohol test to which the 52-year-old injured in the accident was subjected..