The former Napoli coach: “A young but good Messina”


By John

Just over four months to immediately make your mark and win. Mister Raffaele Di Napoli returned to Cavese who, despite being first in the standings, sacked Daniele Cinelli in February and relied on the coach who, already from 2004 to 2007 as assistant, had achieved promotion to C1. A change on the bench between former Messina players: Cinelli's experience is more recent, as ex Raciti and Sullo, while Di Napoli he was on the shores of the Strait in the 2015/2016 season, first as assistant to Arturo Di Napoli and then “promoted” as first.
«I accepted Cavese even though I had everything to lose. It seems strange from first in the rankings, but the owners must have had their good reasons. I took the opportunity, because I had left a piece of my heart in Cava and I accepted the D after some refusals from Lega Pro clubs.” Messina wasn't among these, but «it would have been nice to return. In recent years the best placing in Serie C (eighth place) came under my management. I have wonderful memories”, underlined the Campania coach, who nevertheless followed the Giallorossi's championship: “Messina had a fluctuating result, also due to a young team but with good players, like Emmausso, Manetta, Frisenna, Florence and many other forts. Led by an excellent coach, who has found the right identity. With more continuity the play-offs would have arrived.”
And, as a coach, Di Napoli appreciated president Sciotto's choice to continue with Modica despite the “Black November”: «Often the coach is the weakest link, we are judged by results, but if you look at the daily work it is right to give credit and stability. Sciotto did well, because Modica knows how to do his job and has given a model to the team. When the results don't arrive it's easy to blame everything on the coach, but it doesn't always go well as happened to Monterosi and Francavilla. Sciotto saw the right leader in Modica.”
Will it be the same for next season? «To build, continuity must be given. The results also come through solid, serious, competent ownership with important values. There is an exemption if it serves as a shock, but this is not the case with Messina because something solid could be built with the Roma-Modica duo.”
In this sense, the decisions of the Giallorossi owners are awaited and, probably, the parties will meet next week, just as Di Napoli himself awaits Cavese for a possible reconfirmation which would allow him to present himself, in the next championship, as a former player at “Franco Scoglio” as already happened in 2022 with Giugliano: «I hope and believe so, but as soon as we conclude the season I will speak with the club. I would be happy to stay because Cava is a second home.” Meanwhile, after having dominated group G, Cavese will be involved in the semi-finals (1 and 6 June) of the Poule Scudetto against Campobasso.