The former parliamentarian of Italia Viva, Ernesto Magorno, leaves the party


By John

The former parliamentarian of Italia Viva Ernesto Magorno leaves the party. Magorno himself communicated this with a note, announcing his election to the presidency of the «L'Oro di Calabria» association, established in Rome «and aimed – states the former parliamentarian, who is the mayor of Diamante – at promoting , to make the region and its human and territorial excellence known and valued. Therefore, unable to reconcile both commitments, I announce that I am leaving Italia Viva. I thank Matteo Renzi for the trust you have always placed in me and for giving me the opportunity to represent my land in Parliament and to be a participant in a significant piece of the nation's history. I worked with great passion and dedication, always making myself available to the party and Renzi, sharing his every choice out of a spirit of service and love for the country. So much so that he accepted, in the last political elections, to be a candidate in the Chamber of Deputies, in the multi-member constituency of Calabria, in second position, despite knowing from the beginning that he could certainly not be elected. Likewise, I thank the regional secretary of the party, Nunzia Paese, my friends from the beginning and today and all those who have accompanied me throughout these years in an important and exciting experience.”

The «L'Oro di Calabria» association includes, among others, the journalist of Corriere della Sera, Francesco Verderami as Scientific Director; the former rector of the «La Sapienza» university, and current president of the «Roma Sapienza» foundation, Eugenio Gaudio; the director of Human Resources of Luiss University, Francesco Maria Spanòand the manager of the Personnel Administration office of Formez PA, Antonio Bartalotta.