The leader of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein in Vibo: “After 15 years, hope must be given”


By John

«A new page for Vibo which definitely deserves more, after 15 years of misgovernment by the right». It is Elly Schlein who launches, on a rainy Sunday in February, Enzo Romeo’s electoral campaign, in the evocative setting of Palazzo Gagliardi, the monumental residence par excellence of the city. AND his words are welcomed by thunderous applause from the center-left people who brave the cold and rain of a winter day and arrive copiously in the atrium of the residence symbol of culture, in the heart of the historic center. The secretary of the Democratic Party doesn’t mince words or periphrases of any kind: «An important game is being played here for the future of the people of Vibo. After 15 difficult years we must try again to build hope.” How? «Focusing first and foremost on competence because we don’t choose candidates by evaluating their belonging but their abilities». All this while on the other side “it seems they are still confused about which figure to focus on, perhaps because they share a negative opinion regarding the five years of administration that are about to end”. A dig at the mayor Maria Limardo and her allies who, right now, are deciding whether to sideline the mayor. But above all the awareness of having to oppose a credible alternative “to a right that is obsessed with immigration and does not see copious emigration from a land like this that continues to lose its young people”.

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