The leaders of Fnsi and Assostampa Sicilia in Messina for the seminar on “Privacy and reporting rights”


By John

The renewal of the National Contract, the advent of AI, the relationship between new media and the printed paper were some of the topics discussed during a meeting at Southern Gazettecome on leaders of Fnsi and Assostampa Sicilia with the editorial staff, the director Alessandro Notarstefano and with the president of the Ses Lino Morgante.

The visit, which allowed guests to see the press center of the Messina plant in action, followed the Training course which was held at Dicam (Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations) of the University of Messina, directed by prof. Giuseppe Giordanoon “Privacy and freedom of the press”, with a focus on the “Palermo case”.

At the meeting, opened by the greeting of Sergio Magazzùprovincial secretary of Assostampa Messina (who organized the meeting in synergy with Dicam, directed by prof. Giuseppe Giordano) and moderated by Gisella Cicciopresident of the regional commission for equal opportunities and gender of the Sicilian Assostampa, the general secretary of the Fnsi was also present, Alessandra Costante. “The journalist’s duty is to write and publish everything that constitutes news”, reiterated the number one of the journalists’ union.

Protagonists of the in-depth day, the magistrate Marco Accollathe lawyer Adriana La Manna and the professor Marco Centorrino, professor of Sociology of communication at the University of Messina. Precious the testimony of Nuccio Anselmojudicial reporter for the Gazzetta del Sud.

The seminar was also the opportunity for the delivery of ad Attilio Borda Bossanaby the secretary Costante and the deputy secretary of Assostampa Sicilia, Roberto Leoneof recognition “Career press officer” as part of the fourth edition of the award “Sicilian journalism: the press officer of the year 2023”, promoted by Sicily Press Office Groupspecialization group of Assostampa.

Yesterday morning there general secretary of the Fnsiaccompanied by the director Thomas Daquannotogether with the provincial secretary of Assostampa Messina, Sergio Magazzùand to the deputy vice-president of the Regional Council of Assostampa Sicily, Attilio Borda Bossanamet the mayor at Palazzo Zanca Federico Basile. Also present were the president of the Regional Council of Assostampa, Tiziana Tavellaand the deputy secretary of Assostampa Sicilia, Roberto Leone.

It was a moment of discussion in which topics such as the web and artificial intelligence and their delicate relationship with journalism and more generally with the publishing industry were discussed, as well as the possibilities of encouraging relationships between journalists and local administration.

In expressing thanks to the national, regional and provincial representatives of the sector for the attention dedicated to Messina, Mayor Basile hoped “in the wake of an ancient and consolidated relationship with the press, ever greater media attention towards a city like Messina which, with a vast metropolitan territory, deserves the comfort, but also the constructive criticism, of the world of information to accompany the development and planning action that this Administration is carrying out to relaunch the territory”.

The visit to Messina by the general secretary of the Fnsi, Alessandra Costante, ended with a short visit to the historic premises of the Assostampa Messina headquarters, in Palazzo Mariani, in the presence of the deputy secretary of Assostampa Messina, Sandro Cuzari, and the treasurer Gigi Andò .