Attack in a high school in France: teacher stabbed to death, two seriously injured. The attacker shouted “Allah Akbar”


By John

A teacher was brutally killed and two people were injured seriously in an armed knife attack that took place today in a high school in the city of Arrasin the north of France. The news was reported by Bfm-Tv, which promptly informed citizens about the atrocious episode and the immediate consequences.

The attacker was a 20-year-old Chechen, according to sources cited by Bfm TV.The young man, probably a former student, was registered as «S», which in the French system means «at risk of radicalization». He was therefore monitored by the security services.

According to other news filtering out, the main suspect in the attack, during which the phrase “Allah Akbar” was uttered, was promptly stopped by the police. Confirmation also came from an institutional source: the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, confirmed what happened through a message published on the X platform, previously known as Twitter.

In France today there was strong alert in Jewish schools

The knife attack resulting in the killing of a teacher at the “Gambetta” high school in Arras falls under the jurisdiction of the anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office, which was assigned to the case a few minutes ago. According to what we learn, in France the alert was high today in schools, even though those warned by the authorities about possible risks of attacks were the Jewish ones. According to what Bfm-tv sources have learned, this morning the Ministry of the Interior had sent an alert message with a recommendation to observe the highest level of security “to all schools” in France and not just to Jewish ones as had been said previously.

Piantedosi: stabbing in France evokes ghosts

What happened this morning in France «is the first episode attributable to what is happening. The stabbing while shouting Allah Akbar evokes not very ancient ghosts. Fibrillations that can occur but cannot always be intercepted.” This is what the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, stated during the lectio magistralis at the seventh edition of the ‘Sine Curà’ award organized by the Campus Bio-Medico university of Rome.