The many unknowns of Reggina. What will the players do now?


By John

Will Reggina players return to training at Sant’Agata after mid-August? This seems to be the question of the moment in the amaranth house, in a phase in which the environment is thinking above all of appealing to the Council of State. The possibility had already been speculated last week, but a few more elements have been added to make the scenario plausible. In recent days, Manuele Ilari announced that he is working on the arrangement of the football fields and that payments have been made to key figures such as warehouse workers and medical staff.

The players had made it clear that their choice to put the club in default he had no economic reasons. The only arrears relate to the month of June, which is already guaranteed. Their action was aimed at sending out a signal that could highlight all the organizational difficulties present within the Sant’Agata, some of which could be overcome with the declared initiatives undertaken by the incoming owners. Regardless of what Reggina’s future holds, it would also be in their interest to go back to training as a group. Different speech, however, concerns the possible release. Each player could request it only after twenty days, starting from the request for formal notice. without the debts being settled. An issue that will continue until the days close to the Council of State and on which there will be an opportunity to talk. Among other things, it is not certain that it is advantageous for a player to find himself without a contract at the end of August.

The doubt does not only concern whether the Reggina players will resume training, but also who will lead them. Last Wednesday Pippo Inzaghi greeted Granillo and used words that unequivocally mark the end of his amaranth adventure. At the moment, among other things, his status would be that of coach under contract, but exempt. On the basis of the collective agreement, in fact, a technician who has a multi-year contract must sign, year after year, a membership request within thirty days of the start of the season. This would not have happened, formally triggering the exemption.

It’s just a bureaucratic issue. In theory, Reggina could in fact recall Inzaghi, as the contractual agreement is still in force, but if it were to happen, the coach would most likely resign. In any case, Inzaghi intends not to burden Reggina’s future.

A return of the team to Sant’Agata would give a shred of normality in this phase which has very little of normal. A temporal phase which, considering everything that has emerged, has proved to be even more difficult than expected and which is destined to last until the sentence of the Council of State.