The MIT: the Tremestieri port dossier unblocked in Messina in view of the construction of the Bridge


By John

«The work for the intermodal logistics platform of Tremestieri (Messina, ed.)) with adjoining port has been unblocked. It is a strategic work in view of the construction of the Ponte degli Italiani (the bridge over the Strait, ed.) – connection between Calabria and Sicily – which is increasingly proving to be a collector of investments for the development of the island and the entire country. In record time the MIT managed to find the resources for the Tremestieri port.”

We read it in a note from the MIT. «In just over two months, the MIT established a technical table with the Municipality of Messina, the Sicilian Region and the Port Authority which concluded with a positive outcome.

The financial effort made by the Ministry, also through the Strait Port Authority, is significant and amounts to 22 million euros and arises from the awareness of the importance of the intervention for the reference territory, also taking into account the commitments undertaken by the Government in relation to the creation of the stable connection between Sicily and Calabria. For the deputy prime minister and minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini “the Port of Tremestieri is yet another unblocked work, we want to continue like this throughout Italy”.