Harakiri Crotone in Cerignola: “sharks” ahead 0-2, then comes the poker of the Apulians


By John

Audacious Cerignola – Crotone 4-2

Markers: 26’pt Gonnelli (aut.), 40’pt D’Ursi, 22’st Malcore, 33’st and 44’st and 51’st D’Andrea,

Audacious Cerignola (4-3-2-1): Krapikas 5.5 (1st Trezza 6.5); Rizzo 5 (1st Russo 6.5), Capomaggio 6.5, Gonnelli 6.5, Tentardini 6.5; Tascone 5.5 (1’st Sainz Maza 7), Bianco 6 (34’st Visentin 6), Ruggiero 6.5; Leonetti 6 (40’st Neglia sv), D’Andrea 8; Malcore 7.5. All. Tisci 7

Crotone (3-5-2): Dini 4.5; Papini 6.5 (32’pt Bove 4.5), Altobelli 4.5, Loiacono 4.5; Tribuzzi 5.5, Vitale 5 (28’st Vinicius 5.5), Felippe 5 (28’st Jurcec 5), D’Ursi 5.5(40’st Bruzzaniti sv), Giron 5.5; Tumminello 5.5, Gomez 5.5. All. Zauli 5

Referee: Centers of Terni 6.5

Note: observed 1′ of meditation in memory of Gigi Riva. Booked: Rizzo, Loiacono, Dini, Altobelli, D’Andrea, Leonetti. Expelled: Zauli in the 48th minute for protests from the bench. Angles: 5-5. Recovery: 2’pt, 5’st,

Sublime first half, perfect, finished 0-2; the second completely to be forgotten. A Two-faced Crotone was defeated by “Monterisi” 4-2. After taking the lead in the 26th minute thanks to Gonnelli’s own goal and doubling the lead in the 40th minute with D’Ursi’s splendid goal, in the second half the Sharks handed themselves over to Cerignola who dominated far and wide, handing the poker to the Calabrians, who they seem to have remained in the locker room. In the 22nd minute Malcore takes care of closing the gap, and then D’Andrea scores a hat trick in the 33rd, 44th and 51st minutes. There will be a lot to reflect on at Crotone because this defeat demonstrates great fragility on the part of the Pythagoreans who, in order to aim high, can no longer afford to make mistakes like this.