The new Reggina registered in D. Pazienza or Scienza for the bench


By John

There are those who still struggle to call it Reggina, but Fenice Amaranto has officially registered as a supernumerary in the Serie D championship and represents the continuation of the first football team in Reggio Calabria. Officially he will be able to take over the baton of the historic Amaranth company only after space has been created for an affiliation with the name that everyone knows and to have acquired the rights to the logo. However, it will have a lot of Reggina when there are once again many people in the stands of the “Granillo” to show their support in the name of their city.
Many have been through it and it has more impact in clubs that don’t have the same name as the city. If for example, in fact, Bari, Palermo, Catania and Messina have practically remained more or less so after the latest failures, this was not the case for the cases of Florentia Viola (Fiorentina), Reggio Audace (Reggiana), Salerno Calcio (Salernitana) and Asd Reggio Calabria itself. In all cases it took time to regain the historical identity. Among other things, formal steps are also expected so that the name can acquire greater relevance with Reggio Calabria in the short term.
There is, however, no time to choose whether to deal with institutional and sporting aspects. We need to do everything quickly. We need to work immediately on all fronts. The club of owner Ballarino and president Minniti will have to try to make their way through the fairly widespread skepticism about the project on the part of a good part of the fans. It couldn’t be otherwise in a city that feels like the victim of management that turned out to be less than virtuous and has suffered the shame of two bankruptcies in less than ten years.
The new company promised virtuous but ambitious sustainable management. A synthesis that is difficult to achieve, but whose evaluation will depend above all on the events of the coming months. The first was having paid almost 450,000 euros to register for the championship, respecting the “peremptory deadline” of September 11th. And it doesn’t take a great effort of memory to remember how much this phrase has marked the recent history of Reggina.
There will be very few days to build the club from scratch: headquarters, operational organization chart, technical staff and medical staff will be the priorities. Without forgetting the immediate need to identify a training field, trusting that the situation of “Sant’Agata” can soon be resolved with the revocation of the concession to Reggina 1914 by the Metropolitan City.
The market can no longer wait And then there is the topic that excites the fans the most: the transfer market. The choice of the coach and the market will make the difference in the first analyzes that will be carried out on the club’s level of ambition. The direction does not seem to be that of looking for a specialist in the category, in the sense of looking for a profile that is valid for a long-term path. This presupposes, at least in the aims, to look for someone already tested at higher levels.
Michele Pazienza and Beppe Scienza are the profiles most considered. The former reached the Serie C playoffs last year with Audace Cerignola, with whom he had won the Serie D championship the previous year.
The other, who was in Reggio as a footballer, had excellent years in Serie C, especially with a Monopoly also led to dreaming of Serie B. His latest adventure ended with an exemption from Pro Vercelli. In the next few hours there could be new talks between the technicians in whom there is interest and the sporting director Maurizio Pellegrino. However, Giovanni Ferraro, fresh from promotion as Catania coach, would not be in the club’s sights.
Mourning Diego Cuzzocrea, former vice-president of Reggina Calcio 1986, has passed away.