The No Ponte di Reggio network is ready to return to the streets: «There are huge flaws»


By John

The vast and varied archipelago of acronyms, associations and ordinary citizens who oppose the construction of the Bridge over the Strait met at the former Aurora cinema in Santa Caterina on the initiative of Libera, Legambiente, No Ponte coordination, WWF and Venticinqueaprile Ampa. Objective of the public meeting moderated by Maria Laura Tortorella (Civic Pact) was to share the main objections to the project and prepare for the large protest demonstration on May 18th in Villa San Giovanni. He introduced the works Elena Crucitti, Libera's representative for Reggio Calabria: «It is unfair and incorrect to put work and environmental health in opposition». It is instead possible and necessary to lead citizens “towards a sustainable and non-polluting mode of movement without the 'Ndrangheta and Cosa Nostra having room for manoeuvre”.
The first thesis, reiterated several times, is the urgency of studying alternatives to a mobility system judged to be incompatible with the peculiar characteristics of such a delicate and particular environment as the Strait area.