The Polistena City Council grants honorary citizenship to Julian Assange


By John

The city council of Polistenain the province of Reggio Calabriahas awarded honorary citizenship to Australian journalist Julian Assange who has a US arrest warrant for conspiracy. The motivation states that the honor was awarded to him «for having spread with indomitable spirit of service and courage the uncomfortable truths of the theaters of war, making humanity aware of the serious violations of human and humanitarian rights, thereby taking sides for the cause of peace, democracy and freedom of oppressed peoples.”

«Following the example of large cities such as Rome, Naples, Reggio Emilia and Bologna – it is said in a note from the Municipality – even Polistena which has always distinguished itself for its struggles for civil, social and constitutional rights, has decided to confer the honor in the wake of the constitutional values ​​that protect fundamental freedoms and personal rights, including freedom of the press and opinion referred to in Article 21 of the Constitutional Charter. The City Council hopes that Julian Assange will be able to receive citizenship rights from Italy or another European country so that he can be given a new personal status of persecuted and/or refugee for political reasons.” Mayor Michele Tripodi was given the mandate to sign a parchment to send to his wife Stella Assange Moris.