The Territorial Group of the M5S Messina approves the board. The team


By John

The first plenary meeting of the Messina Territorial Group of the 5 Star Movement took place last Saturday in the Oval Hall of the Municipality. During the meeting, the activists approved by acclamation the members of the board of directors, appointed by the territorial representative Francesco Pagano.

This is the team:

Mimmo Renzoretired accountant, who was entrusted with the role of deputy; Marco Bellantoneentrepreneur; Gabriele Ferrantecouncilor of the IV Municipality; Marco Oriolesiparliamentary collaborator, with the role of Project Manager; Maria Paganolawyer and former councilor of the Messina Bar Association and member of the Equal Opportunities Commission, who was entrusted with the role of Training Manager; Emanuele Crimaldi, university student, appointed youth manager. Communication was entrusted to the journalist, blogger and social media manager Carmen Di Per.

After the greetings of the provincial coordinator, Cristina Cannistrà and the regional deputy Antonio De Luca, who highlighted the imminent commitment to the European electionsthere were interventions from those responsible.

Francesco Pagano spoke about the criterion for choosing the members of the management team, consisting solely in competence and experience. Furthermore, he asked all activists to help identify and work on the problems and proposals for the city and the province, with working groups divided by theme.

Mimmo Renzo highlighted the need for the M5S to “get back on track”, with a greater presence and closeness to the people. For this reason you hoped for full collaboration between activists, united in carrying out proposals and projects.

Marco Bellantone congratulated the activity that led the two M5S groups existing in Messina to converge into a single territorial entity. He then hoped that it should never happen again that the City Council finds itself orphaned of at least one M5S councilor. Finally, he hoped that healthy communication will be reactivated towards those who are looking for an innovative policy in the relationship with the territory.

Gabriele Ferrante underlined the importance of the word that was used to present both him and Bellantone, i.e. “plurality”, fully representing it within the board. Furthermore, he gave full availability to support the representative Giovani Crimaldi, in the management of this fundamental issue, on the basis of his experience as an activist since the age of 20 and as Councilor of the IV Municipality.

Marco Oriolesi highlighted how in Messina the M5S needs to rebuild and start again. For this reason all his action will have to put Messina at the centre, both on national proposals and with local proposals which, without prejudice, will be presented to the Administration. He also highlighted the need to enhance the resources of the M5S and to resume a dialogue with the civic world of the city.

Maria Pagano recalled her experience within the M5S, with which she was a candidate in the last administrative elections. You assured that the training will be carried out within the themes dear to the M5S, with particular attention to gender policy and the fight against all discrimination, including of a social nature.

Emanuele Crimaldi hoped for maximum union, underlining the role of young people in the relaunch of the M5S, teaming up with the political and representative representatives of the M5S. Bringing young people closer will be the priority, because, he highlighted, they represent the rebirth of the Movement, as President Giuseppe Conte declared, highlighting their importance for future political choices.