The theater network is born in Calabria, Princi: “More lifeblood for a strategic sector for the cultural and economic development of the region”


By John

“I positively note that the five provincial capitals have decided to unite to develop, around the ‘Calabria Creazione Contemporanea’ project, a common theater and live entertainment program, as well as shared management policies for the city’s theater structures. I am very pleased because, during the discussions I had with the mayors of the provincial capitals and their delegates for culture, I positively welcomed the idea of ​​emerging from the shell of provincialism to embrace a broader vision, precisely by implementing the Calabria Creazione project Contemporary. The promotion of quality theater seasons within a single program will avoid overlapping appointments, promoting inter-provincial mobility and the possibility of experiencing Calabrian theaters all year round”.

This is what the vice-president of the regional council with responsibility for the branch states in a note, Giusi Princi, in relation to the development of theatrical projects shared between various Calabrian local public administrations.

“This is an important result and not at all easy. After the initial difficulties linked to different visions – specifies vice-president Princi – the provincial capital municipalities have found the solution, overcoming their initial mutual distrust, also making effective use of the moments of discussion that we had in the regional Citadel, also in the presence of the managerial and administrative staff of the Culture Department, with the general manager Maria Francesca Gatto, and with the sector manager who followed the process, Ersilia Amatruda. It is only the beginning of a journey that, I hope, other Calabrian public administrations can also undertake, uniting together and finding the same availability that the provincial capitals have had along their journey. A project with great ambitions, that of ‘Calabria Contemporary Creation’ which the Region, through the department that I have the honor of representing, will undertake to concretely support, guaranteeing, for the first time in Calabria, the centrality that such an important sector must have. In fact, the law requires the Regions to dictate the guidelines, to crystallize a long-term vision in the theater sector and, of no small importance, to plan the financial investment so that these splendid machines have wheels to walk on”.

“The regional council led by President Occhiuto, like never before, has invested enormously in culture and, therefore – Princi also underlines – also in the theater and live shows sector; a lot is being placed on strengthening the regional theater system not only with funding, but with a coordinated vision that makes Calabria an attractive territory also for operators in the sector from other regions. In the next investment of the Social Cohesion Fund (FSC), for the next five years, we have foreseen an allocation of 40 million euros for the Culture sector. A significant change of perspective also for cultural and theatrical policies, guaranteeing the right centrality that, for the first time, the Region wants to give to this area, considering it strategic for the development of our land. We will therefore support the entire production of theatres, because we want to bring about a cultural change, a change of mentality, intervening in the protection and valorisation of the artistic heritage and cultural activities. For the work carried out – finally underlines Vice President Princi -, I therefore thank the mayors and their delegates for culture, the cultural operators, the staff of the Regional Department for having implemented a choral participation project, which will also involve the schools, with the ‘objective of building, with a common commitment, a long-term vision of cultural and economic development of Calabria”.