The tragedy of Brandizzo, the father of the Messina Kevin Laganà speaks: “Whoever is at fault pays. My son will not return”


By John

A boy who works and leaves home and «doesn’t come home anymore. My son left home calmly, ate, had dinner». Talking is Massimo Laganà from Messina, the father of Kevin, the 22-year-old young man from Vercelli, among the five workers who died in the accident in Brandizzo, in the Turin area. The man reports Kevin’s last words, pronounced on Wednesday evening as he left the house: “Dad, I’ll see you tomorrow.” And he continues: «At midnight he sent me a message: “Dad I love you” and I never saw him come home again. My son as you can see… friends are here present… what was my son. I need justice: whoever is at fault pays, only this, Whoever is at fault pays, only justice »he adds, moved. He had been working for Sigifer for a year, «he went every evening. Evening day, whatever happened. He liked the environment, he got along well with his friends, with the company, with everyone » he says.

«He was a simple boy – adds Kevin’s uncle, Giovanni Caporalello -. My nephew was a simple boy for everyone. You too can see around here what a boy he could have been, my nephew doesn’t come to the house anymore. Now who tells my brother that he can no longer call him at night or during the day? Because he called him his son every day. My brother works with me and every day he called him. Now it’s no longer there.” «Who should we tell this to? A boy who goes to work – continues his uncle – and he no longer comes home, at 22 years old. There are no words, we are destroyed.”

The pain of friends

They hug each other, they are all wearing a t-shirt printed on a photo of their friend, Kevin Laganà, 22 years old, with a hawk on one arm. “We grew up together, he was a simple, humble, polite, cheerful boy.” One sentence each, they compose the memory of their friend, at times they struggle to speak. «Something like this shouldn’t have happened, especially at work. One night she goes to work and never comes back. He will have to pay the consequences whoever caused the mistake. It can’t be a communication error. No,” says a third voice. “He raised me for eight years, it’s unforgivable” adds a fourth. “Only his car came back, but he didn’t” a fifth friend. They continue half a sentence each: “He was always punctual, he was never late , it was never missing. At 22 years old there aren’t any like that.” And they conclude in unison when asked what they ask for Kevin: “Justice, justice, or rather I demand justice, because it is not a normal thing, not in 2023 for someone to go to work and never come back. The only thing we have left of him is to live him in our memories and engrave him in every memory, whether good or bad, he will always live.” There were already a few people in front of the house yesterday and today there were about a hundred of them, they also set off fireworks, there were countless bouquets of flowers among the balloons. There is a banner hanging: “In every laugh there will be your name forever in our hearts” and on the white cloth there are dozens of messages from friends written, with the boy’s name in letters made of balloons. The lights are on the ground and like a continuous procession of hugs and prayers, it continues into the late afternoon.