The Zes in Calabria debuts among the unknowns. Unindustria: time is up


By John

New special economic zone (SEZ), old problems. In the last few hours the new course has officially started with the overcoming of the extraordinary government commissioners of the 8 SEZs (including, naturally, the Calabrian one), established starting from 2017, and the entry into full operation of the Palazzo Chigi mission structure envisaged by the Southern Decree. This latter structure, led by Antonio Caponetto, will be the point of reference for those production companies oriented towards expanding existing production lines and sites or creating new ones using the opportunities offered by the newly launched regime.
However, there is no shortage of unknowns. Such as those relating to the use of the tax credit. The Pnrr law decree, which theoretically designs a new Transition 5.0 plan for incentives for businesses, provides that the related tax credits cannot be cumulated with any other incentives, starting from those linked to the Special Economic Zone (Zes) unique in Noon. This is a dynamic that doesn't leave you at peace Aldo Ferrara, president of Unindustria Calabria. «We are in a phase – he underlines – in which there is a slowdown in the economy and it is precisely here and now that we must support the desire of entrepreneurs to bet on the future. Therefore, the stalemate in which the Single Zes finds itself and the simultaneous elimination of the tax credit for investments in the South place a double limit on investment intentions in the South”.