They set fire to an insured warehouse to collect… the prize: two arrests in Caraffa di Catanzaro


By John

They set fire to a warehouse in Caraffa to defraud the agency and collect the insurance premium: arrested. This morning, the Carabinieri of Girifalco, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Catanzaro, executed an order with which the investigating judge at the Court of Catanzaro ordered the application of detention in prison for two people accused of arson and fraudulent damage to insured property.

The investigation

The precautionary measures, issued at the request of the local prosecutor's office, arise from a complex investigation that began in November 2023, following the onset of a large fire (which was also put out after several hours and thanks to the intervention of numerous fire teams). firefighters) which had affected a warehouse in the Difesa district of the municipality of Caraffa di Catanzaro, in the industrial area, and which had spread, also damaging the premises of neighboring companies. According to the investigations, the fire was set intentionally by the owner of the warehouse and the manager of a funeral home, with the aim of obtaining the insurance premium deriving from the stipulation of an insurance contract (which also increased the maximum a few days before the fire), as well as to pay suppliers and start a new and more profitable business operating in the field of funeral services in the municipality of Catanzaro.