Today Elly Schlein in Messina to say no to the Bridge, Germanà (Lega): “We will not insult her”


By John

“Today the secretary of the PD Elly Schlein is in Messina to reiterate the no to the bridge over the Strait. We who instead want it, unlike what was done in recent days with the managing director of the Strait of Messina Pietro Ciucci by those who think like her, will not welcome her by insulting her or throwing rolls of toilet paper at her”.
Thus the deputy group leader in the Senate of the League Nino Germanà, who adds: “We respectable Messina people let the opposition speak, we respectable Messina people don't insult our opponents, we respectable Messina people accepted the no to the bridge when they were in government. Of course, in those years they didn't do anything that they would like to do today with the money from the bridge (schools, hospitals and roads) but that's another story.
Only fascists prevent those who do not think like them from speaking and acting – adds Senator Germanà – and we hope that Elly Schlein, despite her no to the bridge being purely ideological and not supported by any professional expertise in the field of infrastructure and transport, distance yourself from that small group of provocateurs (always the same) whose only interest is to show off in front of the cameras, in a desperate search for the famous 15 minutes of fame that cannot be denied to anyone”.