Cargo ship crashes into Baltimore bridge, “6 missing workers probably dead”


By John

“Given the water temperature and the time that has passed since the bridge collapsed, we don't believe we will be able to find any of the six missing people who are still alive.” The head of the Baltimore Coast Guard, Admiral Shannon Gilreath, said this after announcing the suspension of the search by divers.

The Dali ship, the gigantic cargo ship that crashed into the Baltimore bridge and knocked it down, went into “total blackout” shortly before impact. The US Commanders Association supports this. The pilot did “everything he could do” to slow the ship and keep it from drifting toward the bridge, said Clay Diamond, executive director and general counsel of the American Pilots Association. “A few minutes before the crash, there was a total blackout, which means that the ship lost engine power and electrical energy,” the director explained to CNN.