Today the 59th Crossing of the Strait. Departure at 11 from Capo Peloro


By John

Today, Sunday 6 August, the Crossing of the Strait is scheduledan international cross-country swimming competition created in 1954 and now in its final state 59th edition. Departure at 11 from Capo Peloro, arrival at the Marina dello Strait of the tourist port of Villa San Giovanni passing through Torre Faro. 58 men and 24 women at the start; 25 agonists and 33 male masters, 12 agonists and 12 female masters. Three younger athletes, all registered with the Unime SSD of Messina, Cristian Molonia 2009, Alessandro Barbaro and Alessandro Irrera 2008. The most experienced, however, is the eighty-year-old Gianfranco Nasti of the Athon ASD of Augusta. The most represented region is Sicily with 19 swimmers, followed by Calabria (14), Emilia Romagna (11), Campania (10), Lazio (9), then space for Veneto, Lombardy, Puglia, Trentino, Liguria, Piedmont and Tuscany. This year also two foreign swimmers: the American Shannon Lynn-Ai Buckley with the Mimmo Ferrito sports club in Palermo and the Swiss Sophie Lupica with Lugano Aquatics. Among the favorites are the internationals Pasquale Sanzullo (2019 and 2022) and Alessio Occhipunti, winner of the last two Capri-Naples.