Lamezia, the tear widens the internal cracks. Majority at risk of implosion


By John

I am worried about the future of smiles and splendor that we could have given to the city but by now it is clear that there is a clear gap in the majority. I no longer have convincing answers to the questions citizens ask me. I thought my dream for the city might have a happy ending but apparently it doesn’t. I will have an opposing majority or I will evaluate the individual proposals from time to time, without trusting blindly any longer ». Words that resounded like boulders in the council chamber in via Perugini during the meeting of the civic assembly two days ago. To pronounce them majority councilor Annalisa Spinellielected with a civic list in support of Paul Mascaro and, as always, very loyal to the mayor and the council in office. Her statements clearly revealed a deep rift within the groups that support the municipal government; a majority that is imploding due to infighting and opposing factions. Spinelli’s vitriolic considerations gave the assist to several minority councilors who plunged the knife into the wound. «Spinelli’s declaration explodes and breaks a situation of apparent harmony in the majority – commented Lucia Cittadino of Nuova Era -. A crisis in a city in disarray. We are not giving the answers that the city expects”.