Tomorrow at the Politeama Theater in Catanzaro Opera & Danza opens with Baroque Suite


By John

Tomorrow, Saturday 18 November, the “Opera & Dance” festival will open at the Politeama Theater in Catanzaro with “Baroque Suite”, the new show co-produced by Ramificazioni Festival and Orchestra Sinfonica Brutia, which makes its national premiere for the occasion in Cosenza and Catanzaro. An event for which the Politeama Foundation intended to encourage maximum participation with tickets accessible to all and special promotions at the box office until the beginning of the evening.
A unique act for contemporary dance, performing arts and classical baroque music, directed by Filippo Stabile. There Create Danza Company of Cosenza meet the Colonna Company of Florence and the Damnedancers of Rome for a new and original creation inspired by European Baroque, a refined combination highlighted by the live music ofBrutia Symphony Orchestra of Cosenza directed by Maestro Patrizio Germone and with some forays into Electronic Music by Maestro Francesco Perri. A project that sees on stage 30 musiciansthe Soprano Tonia Langella And a dance troupe of 30 elementsin which past, present and future dance, reflecting in bright flashes and fluid forms between contemporary dance, urban dances and aerial performing arts such as pole dance and aerial hoop.

The fundamental aspect of the show is the attention to the spectator, to his emotional involvement, his active participation. The work has the specific function of arousing a feeling, of provoking a reaction, everything therefore contributes to the presentation, the light, the setting, the surprise effect and sometimes even the fade. The term baroque was applied to seventeenth-century art as early as the eighteenth century, taking on a derogatory meaning indicating an exaggerated and bizarre, anti-classical art. A meaning that is only partially overcome in modern times by recognition the virtuosity of baroque artistic productionits theatricality, the active involvement of the spectator, the extraordinary richness of shapes and colors

Baroque art had the task of directly touching the soul and feelings of people and to do this it was necessary for it to take on grandiose and monumental forms. Exactly for this reason the “Baroque Suite” project has the ambition of maintaining all the historical essence of the Baroque by immersing the public in a show of suggestions and evocations in which everything becomes possible, a piece lasting 55 minutes, which is configured as an innovative theatrical proposal with disruptive choreographic characteristics in the theatrical panoramawhich will see dancers and aerial athletes in the same setting, on stage to the music of Vivaldi, Albinoni, Bach, Handel, Purcell, Lully.